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Posted on April 7, 2018 at 5:20 PM

For Sale:

  • New item: Megabyte MK I sail. Still in original package. Never used. Bough several years ago, so original triangular top. Contact Stuart Flerlage: [email protected] [posted 30Aug18]
  • New item: Megabyte #158 is for sale in Toronto, Canada. MK1 rig with extra unused sail from Quantum. New tiller. Extra daggerboard. Contact Geoff Young at [email protected] [posted 26Jul18]
  • 2009 hull #366, made by Performance Sailing. This Megabyte is in great condition as it was sailed only a few times and appropriately stored. The boat comes with a MK II rig and like-new Mylar Sail. Also has a cover and switch dolly. Original Owner! Please call 1-508-364-0942 or email: [email protected] Located in West Dennis, MA, 02670. (Cape Cod). Asking $5500.00 (about 1/2 the cost of a new Megabyte) [posted May01, 2018]
  • Megabyte Blades: - dagger board & rudder - used but good shape - comes with a faded blade bag: $125 + shipping. Used MK I Sail - very good condition: $300 + shipping; Used MK I upper mast section: $450 + shipping. email Jim Crabtree  [email protected] [posted April 2018]
  • Pair Magic Marine ( Endurance Pads (for hiking), Small/20cm). Like-new. $50+shipping. email Leszek Vincent [email protected] [posted May01, 2018]
  • Older megabyte in great shape. I have 2 sets of blades, 3 sails. One is even brand new in the box, all MK1. Lightweight aluminum trailer. Located in Northern California. Make me a fair offer. Dario Sartori, email: [email protected] or TXT 530-200-6458 [updated 05Jul18] SOLD (to someone who had a wanted ad.)
  • 2001 MB: Hull #184, MK I rig, original sail but very few hours on it - still in very good condition. Have roll bag & blade bag. No damage on blades. Almost new hiking straps. Full top hull cover by Slo Sails. Don Milner: [email protected] SOLD [posted May13, 2018]
  • Megabyte - excellent boat. Asking $4000.00 delivered (will deliver to about anywhere). Photos available. Bag for rudder, centerboard, lines,etc. Top and Bottom covers. 2 Sails in in excellent condition (MK I & MK II). 2 upper masts MKI, MK II. Sail bags. Dolley & Trailer. bags. Contact Mike Wenger: [email protected] [posted May13, 2018]
  • Megabyte (#10) for sale in the Seattle area. The boat & sail are in almost new condition, rarely used. Asking $4000. If anyone is looking for a great Megabyte, please call 425 260-9117 (Vicki Luhrs: [email protected]) [posted 01Jun18]



  • Used Megabyte boats and/or used MK I mast. Please contact MB Class President - Jim Crabtree via email:  [email protected]
  • Looking for MK I mast in good condition and MK II mast & sail. Contact E P Alexander  [email protected] 
  • Looking to buy a Megabyte in Toronto or the area. Contact Eli Kagan - [email protected] [posted 29May18].
  • Looking for a Megabyte in very good condition, with the MK II rig. Only problem is that I'm based in the North of Scotland. Not sure how easy it would be to import, but there don't seem to be many for sale in the UK. Contact Neil Cormack: [email protected] [posted 05Jul18] Used MB (MKI rig) purchased within the UK - Celebrations! [updated 08Jul18]

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