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Posted on April 7, 2018 at 5:20 PM

For Sale:

  • 2009 hull #366, made by Performance Sailing. This Megabyte is in great condition as it was sailed only a few times and appropriately stored. The boat comes with a MK II rig and like-new Mylar Sail. Also has a cover and switch dolly. Original Owner! Please call 1-508-364-0942 or email: [email protected] Located in West Dennis, MA, 02670. (Cape Cod). Asking $5500.00 (about 1/2 the cost of a new Megabyte) [posted May01, 2018]
  • Megabyte Blades: - dagger board & rudder - used but good shape - comes with a faded blade bag: $125 + shipping. Used MK I Sail - very good condition: $300 + shipping; Used MK I upper mast section: $450 + shipping. email Jim Crabtree  [email protected] [posted April 2018]
  • Pair Magic Marine ( Endurance Pads (for hiking), Small/20cm). Like-new. $50+shipping. email Leszek Vincent [email protected] [posted May01, 2018]
  • Older megabyte in great shape. I have 2 sets of blades, 3 sails. One is even brand new in the box, all MK1. Lightweight aluminum trailer. Located in Northern California. Make me a fair offer. Dario Sartori, email: [email protected] or TXT 530-200-6458 [posted 03May18]
  • 2001 MB: Hull #184, MK I rig, original sail but very few hours on it - still in very good condition. Have roll bag & blade bag. No damage on blades. Almost new hiking straps. Full top hull cover by Slo Sails. Don Milner: [email protected] SOLD [posted May13, 2018]
  • Megabyte - excellent boat. Asking $4000.00 delivered (will deliver to about anywhere). Photos available. Bag for rudder, centerboard, lines,etc. Top and Bottom covers. 2 Sails in in excellent condition (MK I & MK II). 2 upper masts MKI, MK II. Sail bags. Dolley & Trailer. bags. Contact Mike Wenger: [email protected] [posted May13, 2018]
  • Megabyte (#10) for sale in the Seattle area. The boat & sail are in almost new condition, rarely used. Asking $4000. If anyone is looking for a great Megabyte, please call 425 260-9117 (Vicki Luhrs: [email protected]) [posted 01Jun18]



  • Used Megabyte boats and/or used MK I mast. Please contact MB Class President - Jim Crabtree via email:  [email protected]
  • Looking for MK I mast in good condition and MK II mast & sail. Contact E P Alexander  [email protected] 
  • Looking for a used Megabyte in the Pacific Northwest, older boat is OK. Email Roy Douglas: [email protected] [posted 04May18]
  • Looking to buy a Megabyte in Toronto or the area. Contact Eli Kagan - [email protected] [posted 29May18].

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